Hello Parents ! during the last few months, we at  My BIG Leap have had the opportunity to interact with several parents. Amidst all the excitement of preparation, exams and results we could distinctly sense a lurking anxiety that parents had with respect to their children’s future and the impending decisions that they need to make. Needless to say, there is no parent who would like to make either a wrong decision or overlook/miss an opportunity that could set up their child on the best career path.

career-counselling1The fact of the matter is, today, unlike in our generation, there are a lot many career avenues that our children can choose from and in fact start to pursue them while still in high school. We understand that it’s the day and age of specializations and super specializations and whether you are a parent of an 8th grader or 12th grader or a graduate it is indeed an overwhelming task to choose the right career path. As much as peer pressure and competition between students has increased exponentially since our times, education sector has also made progress by leaps and bounds. Now, we have well-informed professionals aka career counsellors who not only can guide you to make these decisions but also work hand in hand to materialize the decisions made – be it mentoring and motivating the students to prepare for an examination or guiding the parent on application procedure or even financial planning.

Through our various interactions with a cross-section of parents, we have noted that there are a lot of reservations that parents today still have in seeking help of career counsellors. We have therefore picked the top 5 myths that parents commonly have with regards to seeking career advice and made an earnest attempt to respond to them.

MYTH 1 : “Career counselling is for weak students”

My BIG Leap response in busting MYTH 1: NO. Career counselling is for students with smart parents. A career counsellor can sensitize you of the current and upcoming trends and broaden your horizons about gamut of career options available today that did not even exist at our times. Social Media Marketing, PR Management, Social Impact Investing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science – are now the most sought after and lucrative career options. A smart parent would be best informed of the latest and be sure that their child makes a decision that has a promising long-term future.

MYTH 2 : “Who else but me knows what my child is good at? After all I have seen him/her so closely over years”


My BIG Leap’s response in busting MYTH 2 : Would it not be a wise thing to do if you adopt a proven scientific approach to validate your understanding of your child’s innate talents and abilities and make decisions based on them? Are you willing to overlook the fact that he/she will really shine and be at the top of the game if they pick a profession that he/she is cut out for? We help you go through a holistic evaluation of child’s aptitude, skills and strengths as well as weakness and strongly advocate you to make decisions based on them.



MYTH 3 : “I know the options available for my child and of course I can figure out the path forward”

My BIG Leap’s response in busting MYTH 3 :  Sure you may! How about having a professional you who has a prior experience of working with several students being your guide and working alongside you? How about having a professional who makes a systematic plan on the path forward right from identifying the right college/course/examination and even chalk out the exam preparation strategies for your child? And what about contingency planning? We meet so many parents and students who are lost on the way when Plan A doesn’t work out. We help you make a well thought out backup plan so that there is no scope of error!





MYTH 4 : “My child and I can never agree on such an important decision”

My BIG Leap’s response in busting MYTH 4: Your child may come up with choices that seem weird or radical and not so concrete to you. We as professionals and career counsellors have comprehensive knowledge about where the world is moving and can objectively evaluate, bridge the gap and help converge your views and arrive at a decision taking at the intersection of what your child’s interests are and where the growth and opportunities are.


MYTH 5 : “We have already made a decision and now there is no looking back”


My BIG Leap’s response in busting MYTH 5: All of us as individuals and parents would have made some really good and some not so good decisions in our lives. Isn’t it just human to err? If you feel you have missed the bus and taken an incorrect decision in the past, a career counsellor is THE person with whom you must have a detailed discussion to course correct and make it up going forward.


There is no taking away from the fact that the decisions you and your child make at certain critical junctures go a long way in shaping careers and in turn their lives. To understand strengths and weakness and make a right choice of career path aligned to them early on in life, will certainly give the child a head start. We at My BIG Leap take great pleasure and pride in bringing a gamut of career related professional services to you, however with a personal touch. Its our two-fold goal to chalk out a personalized career track and help walk the path that is just right FOR YOUR CHILD. For more details please visit our website http://www.mybigleap.in/ our FB page https://www.facebook.com/careeradviceatmybigleap.in/


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